Adult Learn to Swim

Adult Learn

to Swim

According to The USA Swimming Foundation, if a parent is a non-swimmer, there is only a 13% chance that their child will learn how to swim.

Our adult learn-to-swim programming is designed to break this cycle so parents, grandparents, guardians, and other family members can be safe around the water and model healthy behaviors for children.


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How our swim lessons work.

How our swim

lessons work.

Learn to Swim and Safety

Full submerge head.

Retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool.

Front float for 10 seconds.

Back float for 10 seconds.

Flip from back float to front float/ front float to back float.

Streamline front for 10 yds.

Streamline on back for 10 yds.

Perform Rhythmic Breathing

Freestyle 15 yds.

Backstroke 15 yds.

Perform reaching and throwing assist for an active victim.

Stroke Development and Endurance

Jump into water over your head and resurface and grab the edge.

Tread water 1- 3 minutes.

Retrieve an object from the bottom of pool depth of 8ft or deeper.

Freestyle 25 yds.

Backstroke 25 yds.

Breaststroke 25 yds.

Dolphin Kick 25 yds.

Swim for Fitness

Starts: Sitting dive, kneeling dive, stride dive, standing dive (all from the deck)

Tread water 3-5 minutes

Freestyle 50 yards

Backstroke 50 yards

Breaststroke 50 yards

Butterfly 25 yards.


Sitting dive entry to retrieve object at the bottom of deep end and it swim back to other end of pool.

Locations and schedules.

Locations and


As we continue to examine the potential of our Adult Learn-to-Swim Program, we have not been able to identify any organizations willing to sponsor the program like our supporters for the Children Learn-to-Swim Program. The support we have for the children’s program allows us to subsidize the program to make our services available to all families in our communities.

The Adult LTS pilot program revealed the necessity for the charge for the adult program to not be a financial burden to the organization. Without an external supporter to assist in subsidizing the program, the City Swim Project has determined the necessity to charge $80 per registrant for our Adult Learn-to-Swim Program—regardless of income level. The $80 charge will cover the expense of one 8-week block of lessons, regardless if an individual attends one lesson or all lessons in the block.

The cost will remain at $80 for all blocks and must be paid before the first lesson begins. The price will NOT be adjusted for any interruption to the swim schedule outside of our control (weather-related, emergency pool shutdowns, etc.).

We hope that you are making the most of this opportunity to learn to swim and to build a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

At this time, you may begin to register for lessons below. Lessons will be at several locations throughout the city and be offered at different times in the afternoons and evenings.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Director of Aquatic Programming.

Registration information.



If you’re interested in joining an adult learn-to-swim class, please fill out the form below to register.